Blog: Confessions of an RDN

Reset: A 28-Day Nutrition Challenge

By Brandi Givens, Pickleball’s Officially Self-Declared Registered Dietitian So you consider yourself above average in the nutrition and fitness game. But one day you realize that you’ve gotten into some potentially problematic habits. Suddenly there are cookies in the pantry, or maybe your wine rack is emptying a bit faster than it should. And when […]

Nutrition 101: Get Back on Track for a Better Game

By Brandi Givens, Pickleball’s Officially Self-Declared RD We all have those friends who seem to eat well 100 percent of the time. Although I admire those nutrition superstars, this post is not intended for them.  Instead, it’s for the rest of us. I am not ashamed to admit that I am one of you. In […]

My Favorite Person Wasn’t Eating His Vegetables

-By Brandi Givens, RD Everyone seems to have their own love language. I have come to realize that nothing makes me happier than seeing the people I love care for themselves. Ironically, despite my dietitious profession, my husband has never been a fan of eating well. So, when he casually remarked one day, “I think […]

Confession 8: Oops, I gained the COVID-19 Pounds: 5 Tips to Pandemic Weight Loss

“You’re a nutritionist!” one of my more direct pickleball friends reprimanded during our socially-distanced water break. I had pointed out that absence of play during the pandemic somehow caused my leggings to shrink. With public courts shut down for months in the Pacific Northwest, it was my first time back. Judge if you will; I […]

Herbal Supplements in Recovery: a Reader Question Answered

Question: Hi Brandi, I’m a pickleball player and having issues with tennis elbow. My physical therapist suggested I order some supplements to help the healing process while we work on it together. He suggested Curcumin. Do you have any trusted brands I should buy? Or maybe foods that I should add to my diet?Thanks,Dustin  Answer: […]

Confession 7: The Fridge Calls to Me- How I Avoid Eating too Much While I’m Stuck at Home

Once upon a time I was a successful business owner and an avid pickleball player. But that was way, way, waaaay back in February. Just like so many other people my business is temporarily closed and my daily pickleball fun has devolved from packed courts full of friends to solo garage drills. Sigh… Also like […]

Confession 6: The Dietitious Empty Nester

Over the last weeks, a lot of attention in the news has been given to parents like me: new empty-nesters. It seems like a recent trend, this recognition of how children leaving home can deeply affect parents. It’s a moment which gives the greatest-ever meaning to the conjoined adjectives, “bitter-sweet.” I was especially touched by […]

Confession 5: I don’t love supplements.

Okay, okay. I do have vitamin tablets and other supplements in it my cabinet right now. I always keep fish oil, choline, and multivitamins as a backup when I know we’re missing those nutrients, and vitamin D3 because we live in the Pacific Northwest. I also STRONGLY recommend high-quality prenatal vitamins to pregnant women and […]

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