Confession 7: The Fridge Calls to Me- How I Avoid Eating too Much While I’m Stuck at Home

Once upon a time I was a successful business owner and an avid pickleball player. But that was way, way, waaaay back in February.
Just like so many other people my business is temporarily closed and my daily pickleball fun has devolved from packed courts full of friends to solo garage drills.
Also like so many, I’m feeling stressed and isolated. This comes along with a strong side-effect to the situation: a mindless pull toward my suddenly-ALWAYS-accessible refrigerator.
What are we supposed to do now that temptation is so near? Check out my meant-to-make-you-smile YouTube video to see what I recommend, and what I’m doing in my own home:
I hope you enjoy the video. Catch my next post tomorrow, with tips that will help my readers tackle perishable foods storage, so that more people can follow the recommendations to shop as infrequently as possible.