Year: 2019

Confession 6: The Dietitious Empty Nester

Over the last weeks, a lot of attention in the news has been given to parents like me: new empty-nesters. It seems like a recent trend, this recognition of how children leaving home can deeply affect parents. It’s a moment which gives the greatest-ever meaning to the conjoined adjectives, “bitter-sweet.” I was especially touched by […]

Confession 5: I don’t love supplements.

Okay, okay. I do have vitamin tablets and other supplements in it my cabinet right now. I always keep fish oil, choline, and multivitamins as a backup when I know we’re missing those nutrients, and vitamin D3 because we live in the Pacific Northwest. I also STRONGLY recommend high-quality prenatal vitamins to pregnant women and […]

Confession 4: I don’t believe in diets.

Wait, wait, wait. Disclaimer: I do believe in diets for people with special medical conditions. Medical conditions sometimes require avoiding or modifying foods to maintain health. A more accurate statement may be to say that I don’t believe in fad diets. When I hear of a diet that excludes any major group of foods, I […]

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