Brandi Givens has been a registered dietician for over 10 years.

But what is Dietitious?
That's Not a Word!

Well, sure it is! My father invented the word dietitious while introducing me to his friend in early 2014.

“This is my daughter, Brandi,” he’d said, beaming with that genuine pride only dads can radiate. “She’s an… uh…a...DIETITIOUS!” I had laughed at the time, only mildly surprised by his forgetfulness. Most people don’t know what a registered dietitian is. Besides, as a military spouse living 2000 miles away from home, I knew it was hard to keep up with my life. I smiled and teased a response. “You’re right, Dad. I am a bit dietitious.” What none of us knew then is that he already had cancer in his brain. We lost him on May 21, 2016. So I dedicate this to my Dad. He was my greatest fan, and the perfect father for me. I will do my best to remain dietitious and keep making him proud. I miss you, Dad.

It's About Family

https://dustinhowes.comBrandi Givens is a mother, wife, registered dietitian/nutritionist (RDN), internationally board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), health and wellness coach, and writer. 

She’s worked for the WIC program since 2010, teaching new moms how to healthfully feed themselves and their little ones. Brandi enjoys playing pickleball and traveling with her family in her spare time.

As a proud Navy spouse, Brandi supported her husband’s career for 24 years (retired in 2016), raising two children while facing the challenges of the military family. They lived all over the United States, experiencing the diverse subcultures within our beautiful country.

Beginning in December of 2014, the Givens family faced a painful life challenge when Brandi became the primary caregiver for her adored father, who passed from cancer in May of 2016. While she was grateful for the gift of extra time she had with him, the cancer was in his brain, making his decline all the more heart-wrenching.

With that experience came a real change in priority. Brandi felt the need to take a leave of absence from office work to enjoy her own family during her youngest child’s last year of high school. She’s calling it her mid-life gap year, taking care to enhance her career with continued education while writing about and sharing what she learns.

Brandi is grateful for her family, including the good, strong men in her life. She doesn’t know what she’d do without Mike, her husband, who wholeheartedly insisted that she take advantage of this priceless gift of time, and her brother, Dustin Howes, for gallantly stepping into their Dad’s place as her confidence coach. She credits her mother for teaching her to make nutrition a priority, before it was popular to make nutrition a priority. Thanks, Mom!